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Group breaks may seem like the hot new way to collect but the idea has been around for a very long time. It started when a group of people would go into a hobby shop and buy a box or case of cards. They would then open a box or case and divide the cards between them. It’s a way to collect without paying for a full box or case of cards. There are many different ways to split a case of cards.

Each drop stream can take as long as 4 hours. Follow the link to view our Drop Schedule.

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Just as the name says, you choose your team. We mostly do Pick Your Team style breaks on new product release days. The price per team varies depending on the number of hits available and the popularity of the team.

All spots in Random Team Style breaks are the same price. Before the cards are opened, we use our custom randomizing program to determine which customer gets which team. Sometimes we have combo spots where we combine two teams into one spot. We do this with the teams that have a lower number of hits in the product.

This is similar to the Random Team breaks but each break is divided up by division, instead of by team.  For example, a baseball break would be divided into NL East, NL West, AL East, AL West, etc.

In these breaks, each spot purchased is guaranteed a hit.

RANDOM HIT DRAFT – All cards are opened and recorded. The hits are assigned to each customer using Random.org.

LIVE HIT DRAFT – All cards are opened. The customer names are assigned an order using Random.org. Each customer then chooses their hit in the order assigned. You must be present or reachable when the product is opened so that you may choose your card(s).

That’s a great question! Unfortunately you must make a purchase for a drop before the live stream starts.

Typically 4-7 business days. For more information please visit our Shipping and Return Poliicy.

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