Who to Buy?

#1 Mike Trout

Mike Trout rookie card sells for $3.9 million, per @GoldinAuctions

The seller of the card originally purchased it for $400,000. He just netted over $3 million. It’s the highest-selling sports card of all-time.

No need to say any more, you can not lose money investing in Mike Trout.

#2 Fernando Tatis 

Fernando Tatis Jr. burst onto the scene as a 20-year-old rookie in 2019 and set the world ablaze.

Tatis continued his strong start to his career and looked like the clear cut National League MVP before tailing off in September. Despite struggling over the final month, Tatis posted a .277/.366/.571 slash line with 17 home runs and 11 stolen bases during the 2020 season.

#3 Juan Soto

Juan Soto rookie cards are moving and many collectors have been on board for years. His explosive MLB start at such a young age has fans looking his way and has directed a lot of hobby attention toward the budding talent.

After signing with the Washington Nationals as an international free agent in 2015, the first Juan Soto cards came in 2016. Additional prospect cards in 2017 and 2018 gave way to the Juan Soto rookie cards following his MLB debut in May 2018.

While his RC options started late in the collecting season, he is found in most of the 2018 baseball products that released after August.